TONECHEER 3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Book Nook Kit (The Secret Garden)


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Gail Kraal

Quality material in this product. Fits together really well. Instructions well laid out .

Pretty nice kit with a motion-sensing lighting feature. Great family project.

This is a cute little kit that isnt something you see every day. It definitely adds interest to a shelf, and its about the size of a largish book. If you have any hardbacks, this goes well alongside them.

Our kids dont have the actual Secret Garden book, but we might pick up a hardback copy to go along with this on the shelf. I haven't read the book in ages, so I'm not certain about the model's accuracy. But, I don't recall anyone having a wheelchair, and I only remember the two kids, not three. It's almost like whoever designed this model had never read the book . . . or it's their "artistic license" concept based loosely on the book. Also, it could very well be another book entirely and not the one I'm thinking of. Regardless, it's still a really nice diorama reminiscent of childhood in simpler times.

The pieces are precision made and the quality is very good. The little motion sensor works well, and it is a nice surprise for visitors when they pass the bookshelf and it lights up. Sort of a read me reminder.

Overall, this is a decent kit and a fun activity for the family that yields a very nice display piece for a bookshelf. At the current price of $43, its a fair value as well. Five stars.


Received one of these for Christmas and my daughter loved it and wanted to do another. Pricey and challenging to put together but beautiful when completed

One of My Favorite Books!

I love this book, and the idea of a "secret garden" so I was really excited to see this book nook set available. There are varying levels of difficulty for these book nooks, and I would say this falls more on the easier/introductory side. It's a wooden one, where it's almost like a puzzle to put together rather than creating a bunch of little accessories with various materials (like many book nooks are). That all said, I still think the wood ones are a challenge overall. You have to fit everything together and use slotted pieces, and some of the times it just doesn't fit quite right or stay in place, etc. Fast drying glue is helpful. Quality, fast drying glue isn't provided and isn't required, but I like having it when doing these.
One of my favorite things about "The Secret Garden" (book) is all of the nature. This book nook is so cute with all of the flowers, vines, bird and trees. It really is pretty and colorful. It's a slimmer book nook, and it doesn't come with a dust cover which I think they all should include one.

I look at reviews a lot when shopping. I hope this review helps!

Great for beginners - pretty basic build

TL:DR: The Secret Garden Kit would be perfect for first timers, great quality, but not challenging and very basic build for the cost.

I purchased The Secret Garden Kit since I'm a big fan of the book/movie. This is my 7th book nook that I have assembled and this one was by far the easiest. The quality of the product is great and none of the pieces broke during assembly, even though the kit does provide spare parts. It's a beautiful scene but the whole build took me maybe 2 hours to put together? It doesn't provide a dust cover and is much narrower than the other book nooks I've assembled. It's similar in price to the other nooks, but I like a build that takes at least 6+ hours so that it feels like it's worth the cost for the time spent.

Product FAQs
Is it safe for children to use?

Notes:Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Which battery type to use

2 pcs of AAA

What kind of glue to use

We recommend using white latex or alcohol glue.

Hello, I bought this and the lights do not work. Any ideas?

1. Check to ensure the AAA batteries are charged and you have placed the batteries at right directions.Then make sure the battery switch is at the ‘ON’ position.
2. Check to see the LED light and the wires are complete and not broken.
3. Check the touch mother board is complete and not broken:see the electric component parts embedded on are full and welded firmly. Make sure that the wires are connected accurately.Red wires are connected to Positive electrode,black wires are connected to Negative electrode.
4. Check the same color wires are connected firmly

How long does it stay on with the touchlight ? Will itturn off itself?

The light in the book nook kit will be on if you press the switch. It will turn off if you press it again. Unless the batteries run out,it will not turn off itself.


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