TONECHEER 3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Book Nook Kit (Song Dynasty Culture)

New upgrade, the product comes with a dust cover and does not need to be purchased separately.

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Assembly Time


Assemble Pieces


Difficulty Level


Assembled Size

H:9.5in W3.9in D:7.1in

Product FAQs
Is it safe for children to use?

Notes:Children must assemble under the guidance of adults in case of swallowing.

Which battery type to use

2 pcs of AAA

What kind of glue to use

We recommend using white latex or alcohol glue.

Hello, I bought this and the lights do not work. Any ideas?

1. Check to ensure the AAA batteries are charged and you have placed the batteries at right directions.Then make sure the battery switch is at the ‘ON’ position.
2. Check to see the LED light and the wires are complete and not broken.
3. Check the touch mother board is complete and not broken:see the electric component parts embedded on are full and welded firmly. Make sure that the wires are connected accurately.Red wires are connected to Positive electrode,black wires are connected to Negative electrode.
4. Check the same color wires are connected firmly

How long does it stay on with the touchlight ? Will itturn off itself?

The light in the book nook kit will be on if you press the switch. It will turn off if you press it again. Unless the batteries run out,it will not turn off itself.

Song Dynasty Culture

Tonecheer DIY Chinese style book nook kit with dust cover is inspired by the ancient China’s Song dynasty.

Design Inspiration

The 3D Chinese puzzle through unique scenery and costumes, it reproduces the elegance of the time, making people feel as if they are returning to the Song Dynasty and singing poetry and enjoying themselves with literati and literati.

Ancient Chinese Architectural StylePictures in the Song Dynasty
  • Ancient Chinese Architectural Style
  • Pictures in the Song Dynasty
Classical Instruments PipaDaily Life in the Song Dynasty
  • Classical Instruments Pipa
  • Daily Life in the Song Dynasty
Have fun reciting poems and songs with the literati.
  • Have fun reciting poems and songs with the literati.
The handmade miniature model is not only a home dccoration also a surprise gift for a special occasions
  • Premium wood and quality
  • Step-by-step diagrams and instructions in English
  • An beautiful decoration and collection
Kindly note that batterics and liquid glue are not included due to air trans-portation restrictions
  • Reduce the use of glue, Protecting the environment
  • Fun Craft--The process of putting together is a very healthy way to relax and relieve your stress.

Advantages of our products

New upgraded design: dust cover

The new dust sheet using slot insert design, installation only need to align the dust sheet to the slot, slowly insert the dust sheet to the bottom of the book stand can be fast and convenient will not damage the parts.

New LED light touch switch

Boring booksheleves make you dult. Let new elements surprise the eyes with beauty.

Packet Include

  • Battery box and wires
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper accessories
  • 266 components


  • The product requires 2 pieces of AAA batteries.
  • Due to customs policy, glue and battery may not be included in the package.


100000+ users


original design

100% Safety


Perfect Gift Choice

In this ever-changing world, put your heart and soul into meticulously assembling a gift of eternal love and trust for your family, friends, and yourself.

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Gifts for children

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Gifts for family

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Gifts for friends

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Well worth it

Completed this in 2 days. My fingers hurt from pressing small pieces here and there. Well worth the pain. Finished product looks amazing on my bookcase.


Super elegant look once done, great gift for any occasion!

Alles ge passt

Alles ge passt

Alles ge passt

Alles ge passt


This Tonecheer kit is excellence in all respects. I have built miniatures for years totalling over 50 miniature houses and booknooks. This kit is the best I have ever done. Kit is packaged and organized perfectly. The wood boards are great quality, thick and sturdy. The colors are brilliant and even. The instructions are excellent. I'm going to find it difficult to buy any other brand, other than Tonecheer. Anyone new to this type of craft may find it a bit of a challenge. The result is so beautiful that I find myself staring at it often. It's mesmerizing, especially with the effect of the deep depth mirror. Also this piece has a dual function light: body sensor/touch button. This kit is Superb!!
Cons: NONE

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